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Zabuyaki retro beat 'em game supports up to 3 players.

Today we open a public Zabuyaki blog :
(English language)

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(English language)

Zabuyaki 2016 is a retro beat them up game.


We are looking for musicians for Zabuyaki game project.

UPDATE: We have found the musician. Meet Juhani Junkala.

A friend and I started working on a beat 'em up project in February. Our game is free, open source, and cross platform. No money to be made here, just pure video game passion.


We're looking for a musician who is motivated and available. Someone who keeps in touch with us and doesn't leave us hanging. Preferably someone who makes tracker music (.mod, .xm...), to keep things oldschool and lightweight, but that's not a requirement.

If this sounds good to you, feel free me to contact Stifu with your portfolio by mail to stifu at free dot fr. Thanks!



Zabuyaki Comic

Originally this comic was posted on 04 March 2006.

The comic is related to our WIP Zabuyaki game. It might reveal some game info or might not. Anyways here are 4 pages of the comic:
Zabuyaki Comic by Stifu. Page 1/4 Zabuyaki Comic by Stifu. Page 2/4 ZabuyakiComic by Stifu. Page 3/4 Zabuyaki Comic by Stifu. Page 4/4
by Stifu


Let's PodCast

Don Miguel's #GameDev podcasts

My podcasts are in Russian.
Every summer, since 2006 year I do write some projects at Summer School of Young Programmers aka SSYP @ Siberia. We teach children how to code, how to collaborate and work in a team.


Play our contest version of Whip-a-Wimp

Dear friends, the contest version of our beloved WaW is ready.

You can play it with your Cgrome/Firefox browsers here.

If you like our game then vote for our project here.

Thank you.



We join new gameDev contest

We participate in GamesJamKanobu 2015 fest (Russia).

Here is our project Whip-a-Wimp
Vote for us and leave your ideas in the comments.



Spiffy Trip (GamesJamGAMM)

The game (ex-Spiffy Plush) was finished in time.

Now I wait for the final score of the project
You can play it here



Games Jam: Gamm 2014

This year I decided to take part in some cool Games Jam: Gamm compo.

The theme of the competition is a PHOBIA.
I'm coding a tiny game "Spiffy Plush" with Tukki as the main character.


Happy NY

I'd like to wish merry X-Mas (it's on 6 January here, in Russia) and happy New Year to every single artist or an indie game developer in the world.


Happy New 2013

May this new year bring you more gamedev joy things.



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