Puzzle game Yoke-Yoke the Buns

The game idea and Yoke-Yoke realization belong to Don Miguel. Characters design by Delya. Music by Midwife. Some in-game GFX and overall design by Don Miguel.

new Yoke-Yoke game menu

STORY: There is a happy family, the Buns. They run a sweet-shop. Everyone has his favorite confectionery. And now, Kex the Father, has made an unique multi-tasking cooking machine. Your task is to make as many sweets as you can. But the machine is a weird device, you'll have to become familiar with it. On getting any valuable advantage you get some plug-ins for your cooking machine.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Pampu, Murchik, Papa Kex, Mama Waffle and some other the Buns. Just play and discover the rest family members.

FEATURES: Some game modes, Multi player Battle Game (2-4 players), Hi-Score Tables for each game mode. Hidden comics. Hidden and unlockable playable characters. Hidden game modes. And, finally, a big PUZZLE game with secrets, bonuses and surprizes.

That's all.. We're sorry. We can't show you more WIP graphic yet. Just stay tuned.