New Super Plusha Demo

Super Plusha

Here is a new Super Plusha demo. It contains a new optimized engine and some GFX improvements.

Download and unpack (908k) into a blank folder. Then set your GP32 into the link mode, then run PC-LINK 1.3 and click OK. Then use PC-LINK main menu to install the demo.
( File / Install / Select unpacked Super_Plusha_Demo.FPK )

List of improvements:

+5 FPS, more real sound, some improvements of items animation, smooth gameplay, 10+ hours of your batteries life.

If you are a CARD READER user then download this version (770k) of the demo (RAW files archive). Put all files into GP:\GPMM\

You can buy full version of Super Plusha at JoyGP (They have closed the shop now).